What to Pack for a Picnic, The Essentials

What to Pack for a Picnic

“It’s picnic time”, we love hearing that, aren’t we? Picnic is one of our favorites! We love going out and having fun with our friends, co-workers, family, and loved ones. Picnic has been a tradition that we inherit from generation to generation. No one would say “no” to a picnic. But, the big question here is, What to pack for a picnic?

A picnic is an outdoor activity that we always enjoy. Let me ask you, what are the necessary things to pack and bring during a picnic?

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A picnic set up with a red blanket, wines, bread, fruits, and knives.
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Here are the ultimate tips and guides on what to bring during a picnic. Stay tuned as we are uncovering the necessary things to bring for your next picnic.

Essentials for a Perfect Picnic

Today, let me enlighten you on the things you must be bringing during an outing. Whether you are going to the beach, mountain, or camp, these picnic packing tips are good for you. So, let me give you some hints on what to pack for your next picnic.

1. A Picnic Blanket

Never ever forget this. This is very basic. Make sure to fold and pack a picnic blanket. You can’t afford to get dirty while laying down in the grass. Enjoy the shine of the sun while laying down on your blanket.

2. Plates, Fork, and Knife

It would never be a picnic without food. A picnic is never complete without food. So, bring enough plates, forks, and knives. It is okay to bring a little extra plate as you never know. Bring dining knives and a slicer. You will need them while eating. You might be cutting some apples while eating.

Moreover, I would like to add up a knife for cutting bigger wood. This is very applicable if you are heading to the mountain and some bushy sites.

TripKeya Reminder:

Sharp items are dangerous. Make sure to keep away these items after use. Keep out of reach of children, always!

3. Napkins

Yes, at least you bring some. Napkins are essential. You need something to wipe on your greasy mouth after eating. Just kidding. To fully enjoy eating, bring napkins to clean yourselves after. Not bringing napkins is like going to the toilet without washing them. We don’t like that.

4. Glasses

A celebration is not complete without alcohol, as they say. So, in that case, make sure to bring also some glasses to use. You can’t just drink from the bottle. Get something to pour on. If you are planning to bring champagne and wine, you don’t have to bring wine glasses if you can’t pack them. If you can, well and good. Otherwise, there is no need to bring your expensive glasses from the house. You may want to bring simple and good glasses like maybe paper glasses. Always remember that you are going for outdoor activity and not a debut party.

5. First aid kit

For any circumstances, it is always best to be ready. bring your first aid kit. You will never know what might happen along the road. Fingers crossed, everything will go accordingly and smoothly as planned and nothing bad will happen on your trip.

6. Garbage Bag

Never ever leave your garbages on the road. Be a responsible traveler and a picnic goer. Save mother earth by collecting your trashes after enjoying the beauty of the sun or the moon. here is a tip, after using the items, put them in the trash bin. Don’t wait for the party to finish before clearing your trashes. Clean as you go. If you are bringing some disposable plates, after using them, put them in the garbage bag. Always remember that being responsible and saving nature is free.

Your picnic places may not have trash bins. Therefore, bring along with you some trash bags for any food waste or disposable items. Also, bring a separate bag for your dirty reusable plates and glasses to keep your lovely picnic basket from getting dirt.

7. Cooler and Ice Packs

Yes, I know, no one wants to drink a 40 degrees Celcius cola. So, bring your cooler and Ice Packs. You need them for storing your soft drinks, water, and some food that require a cold temperature to stay fresh.

8. Food and Drinks

As they say, a picnic would never be completed, unless there are food and drinks. Do you agree? Well, I do. So, your snacks and drinks must be brought when going for an outing or picnic.

There is really no fun without food. Make sure to bring enough for everyone at the party. But, of course, do not bring too much. We hate to have wasted food at the end of the day. Ask each and every member of the picnic what food and drinks they would like.

I have a suggestion, why not bring your own food? Instead of contributing and just giving money to buy food, it is also good to just bring whatever you can to a picnic.

For the drinks, never ever forget the water. Water is very essential. It is part of human basic daily needs. Water during a picnic will surely dehydrate you from thirst.

9. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

Take some protection to fight whatever Mother Nature may throw along the road, and bring sunscreen and insect repellent. You don’t want to go home with bumps on your skin because of insect bites, right? Surely, the sunscreen will protect you while you are enjoying your outdoor activities. If you will be picnicking in bushy and wooded areas or in the side of the lake, it is important to have mosquito and insect repellent handy.


What is good about a picnic is you only have limited resources. You’ll learn how to be resourceful and also be independent in life. You are not inside your house and you have everything you may need. On a picnic, you may be far from your house and don’t have enough resources.

So, there you go. These are the necessary things that you may have to bring for your next picnic adventure. Make sure to pack carefully to avoid breakage. Packing can be a struggle for some. I, myself, hate packing. I hate preparing. But, I love ‘going’. I love enjoying the road with a bunch of good company. Now, you have just learned what things to pack for a picnic. I hope you bring them with care.

Make sure to bring eco-friendly items on your picnic. Save mother earth and save father nature.

Have fun and a happy picnic!

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