How to Save Money for the Next Trip Vacation

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There is no need to become reach for you to travel. Having enough savings would be enough. There is no need to have millions in the bank. But then, when traveling money is always involved. So, here are the tips on how to save money for your next trip. Learn how to save to spend well during your trip. I know you don’t want to go back home without a souvenir.

The most disturbing thing for any traveler is budget trips. If you are fond of traveling, then you will also face this problem often. But in today’s world because of the internet and social media, you can make the best budget trip by doing a little smartness. If you travel a little wisely, then you can also save a lot of money.

By the way, saving money on your journey does not mean that you should think of saving money every time. Saving money on travel means that you spend money wisely. If you know where, why and when you have to spend your money, then you can enjoy expensive trips at cheap rates.

Here are some tips that you can plan according to your budget.

Saving Tips Before you Leave to the Next Trip

Not everyone can afford to have luxury travel. However, everyone can afford to travel in decent ways. Use these tips if you want to save money for your next trip. I know it is a challenging topic to discuss saving money as it is difficult. It is difficult to the sense that sometimes we plan to save but we never do. If that is you, then let me help you so have more savings.

Having plenty of money saved in the bank is a blessing. However, you are not blessed enough and you are very ambitious about traveling the world like me, then start thinking about saving money for your next travel adventure. I know that saving extra money for your leisure can be challenging and difficult

1. Save Money While Planing the Trip

You must be wondering how you can save money while planning. But yes this is also a way that you can save a lot of money. Every journey of ours has a purpose be it a solo trip, honeymoon trip, or any other. Even if you are going on a honeymoon trip, you will have some dreams like you want to go to the island, beach, or any such place. And if such is your destination which is expansive, then you can also find such a cheap destination according to your budget. Like if you want to enjoy your honeymoon in the Maldives but it is more expensive then you can also visit Indonesia. Such cheap destinations will be within your budget and you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Ask the below questions while you are planning your trip:

  • Which type of journey you are planning?
  • What’s your dream destination?
  • What are the facilities you want on your trip or on your destination?
  • What will be the daily cost of your trip?
  • Is there any other option for a dream destination where you can enjoy your trip as per your purpose?

If you find your answer for this then your problem will be reduced by 50%. Also, you can save a bunch of money here by following this tip.

2. Start Budgeting your Meals

I didn’t mean you starve yourself. I mean, buy the exact food you can eat. There is no need to order extra food for nothing. If you know that you can only eat 2 dishes, then order two dishes.

For my lovely students, maybe you want to enjoy the students’ meal for now. Student meal is also known as the budget meal. I still remember when I was in college. I used to have exact money to go to school. I didn’t have any extra for other things. Fortunately, there are canteens in our school that offer budget meals for students. Before, for only ₱30, we may enjoy 2 dishes and a cup of rice with free drinks. Yes, they may be in small portions but it was worth it as we don’t throw any food. We get what we can only eat.

So, if you are on a budget, save money by ordering enough food only. There are plenty of people who don’t eat three times a day like you. Think of them. You are lucky. therefore, don’t waste food and don’t waste money. Save your money for your upcoming travels.

3. Eat Out Less Often and Cook More at Home

It is not being difficult in life, it is being thrifty for your future travel adventure. So, if you can, eat out less. This may allow you to earn more money in the packet. My point here is, I am not saying that you should starve and be hungry. You know how costly and dear it is to eat out. Instead of dining in a restaurant, cook more at home. There is no need to spend €150 euro just to go to a restaurant. If you can resist, then resist. Anyway, home cooking also gives you the opportunity to bond with your family. You will have more activity and time together. Moreover, you can cook and modify your favorite food the way you want. So, to save money for your next trip, cook more at home and eat less out.

4. Reduce Your Utility Bills

Switch off any lights if they are not in use or no one is utilizing them. After usage of the washroom, switch off the light. This will make you save little money. But still, there is money-saving involved. Reducing your utility bill will make you earn at least something. It may not be a big saving, but the word “save” is still there.

Turn off your aircon, electric fans, TVs, faucets, and other electronic devices if you are not using them. You are not only saving money but also you are saving mother earth here.

5. Do Free Things

Who doesn’t love free? I guess no one. I love freebies! So, if there is an opportunity to have freebies instead of buying them, grab it! This is not only a money-saving technique but also a life hack. Take advantage of the free items. In grocery stores, if you earn points, they give you free items. Moreover, also in airlines and hotels, you can earn points by staying and flying with them. You can absolutely convert those pints into free stay and air tickets.

So, why buy it if you can have it for free? Many people say that there are no longer free things in this world. I beg to disagree on this matter. The world has plenty of freebies. You just have to search and conquer them.

6. Stay In At Night

I know you are a party-goer. But if you are planning to travel soon and you still don’t have enough budget for your next trip, then try to avoid partying for now.

As we all know, almost everything you do requires money. Even at night, going out at night would demand you money. I know that you are a party crasher, but try to hold up as long as you can until you save enough money for your next trip.

Well, if you can’t hold up, at least ask your friends to treat you. I know it sounds weird and ashaming. Ask them to pay the bill for now as you are expecting some expenses soon. I am not teaching you how to be a parasite rather, I am just suggestions on how to save more money for your next travel.

7. Avoid Shopping

Being a workaholic is not totally not good. Also, being a shopaholic is not good for you if you are saving. If you can, try to avoid going shopping for now.

Did you see a promotion in Gucci? Craving to buy it? Hold on! Wait! This is not the right time. You are on a budget. Always follow your goal. Your goal is to earn enough for your next trip vacation. Avoid excessive shopping and earn money for your next holiday journey.

Don’t be blind because of the “big sale” written on the shopping door. Always remember that they might be on sale but still, you are spending money that you are supposed to earn for your next trip.

8. Reduce Unnecessary Spending

It is obvious. Would you spend more than what you need? Would you get things you don’t actually need? The answer should be no. If you don’t need an item, then for what that you are buying it? Keep away your money and save it! Reduce your unnecessary spending.

9. Avoid Nonessential Items

As you are reducing unnecessary spending, it is important too that you avoid nonessential items. Don’t get hypnotized by the sales and promotions in the store. If you don’t need them, don’t purchase them. It is a very simple role of saving money. For now, only buy the necessities.

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Squid Game costumes are displayed in a shop. Image by Jeric Urbayo

I understand that a 50% sale promotion is tempting and difficult to avoid. But try your best to do so. Avoiding nonessential and not-needed items will save you a bunch of money. Make it a habit to buy only the things that matter and you really need

This is like taking all the food you want on one plate. Then all of a sudden, you won’t be able to eat them all as you are already full. What will happen to the remaining food? They will be thrown away and be wasted. We don’t like waste these days. So, avoid nonessential items to save money for your next trip.

So, for now, zip your wallet and spend less. Buy the necessities and your wants will be later.

10. Start Tracking Subscriptions, Memberships, and Accounts

Don’t forget this money-saving tip. Commence tracking your memberships, accounts, and subscriptions. There might be some occurring subscriptions that you don’t already need. Unsubscribe now! There might also be some memberships you joined and you are no longer interested to be charged automatically every month. What you can do? Cancel the unusable memberships. Moreover, you might have accounts that bill you monthly. Check on them!

It is very easy to track them. If you don’t remember the subscriptions or memberships you participated in, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily identify and track them. So, grab your monthly bank statement. Check every item if there are subscriptions and memberships you want to disconnect. Then, you may want to cancel them. For example, if you are no longer watching Netflix or listening to Spotify, you may want to unsubscribe to them to reduce your monthly expenses.

11. Sell Unwanted Items

You don’t need your shoes anymore? Sell them! There are different online selling websites out there where you could possibly sell your items. For example, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and many more.

Let go of the things that don’t matter to you anymore. It is like letting go of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend (kidding)! sell them and make money for your next trip. I am sure that you have plenty of things out there in your room that you don’t any longer need. Sell and earn something from them.

Don’t pile up the clothes you don’t want and need anymore. Since you are not using them anymore, you may want to sell them instead. You can make a bazaar stand in front of your house and sell your unwanted items for your upcoming trip.

12. Make Extra Money On The Side

Don’t empty your wallet! Save something for your next trip. If your budget allowance is €100 a day, and you only spend €80, you still have €20 to put on your savings. Don’t think of anything else where you could spend it. Your €20 a day might become €400 in a month. That is a big saving!

Save money, can savings, coin, How to Save Money for the Next Trip Vacation,
A money-saving can. Image by: Jeric Urbayo | Lifetime Traveller

So, put some money on the side and start saving for your next travel adventure. Don’t let your bank cry. Keep your wallet away from shops and stores but keep your money inside!

13. Work Harder

Don’t be shy! Be real! If you don’t have enough money, get an extra. Some of us are being paid a basic salary that can’t support all our wants. So, don’t just stop there. If you can work a little bit more, then it would be nice. Find a second job. However, make sure not to jeopardize your health. health is wealth as they say. You can’t afford to be rich and not get to travel the world.

So, earn more for your next trip by working harder. It is not only the job that you can do. You can actually think of something more else to earn. Take, for example, selling goods, selling food, coaching, tutoring, blogging, writing, etc. There are plenty of ways and methods to earn and make more money. I included this as recreational activities make us not to spend more money as we are busy. sometimes working hard makes you forget to spend money. A good technique, indeed.

14. Extra Money-Saving Tip: keep away from financially irresponsible friends!

I know right! Your friends have a big influence on your spending. If they go shopping, let them be. Be with them and enjoy the company. You don’t have to match their lifestyle. Focus on what is more important for you – the travel adventure. Keep distance from financially irresponsible friends.

Wait, I am not saying to unfriend them. I am saying, don’t go spend all your money with them. Unless you give up your dream travel vacation.


So, those are my ultimate tips on how to save money for the next trip. I know how difficult it is how to save money as we always love to buy and spend. But, if you have a goal, go and get it! If you are planning to travel soon, I would recommend you to start saving now!

After saving, of course, you would like to continue saving until your trip. So, you may want to check on the ways how to find a cheaper flight. Stay safe during this pandemic. Have fun while saving money!

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