Reasons Why You Should Travel

Reasons Why You Should Travel, castle in Nyon Switzerland

It’s nice to witness places you’ve always wanted to visit and experience things you’ve only seen in your dreams. You love traveling. You are reading this article now because you are into traveling too like me. Actually, I think most of us do. People love to travel- move from one place to another. Hence, each one of us has our own reasons why we travel. Now, this article is for those who love traveling and for those who haven’t traveled in their entire life. It may not be the best time for you or for us to travel now, but you should travel at least once in your life.

10 Reasons to Travel the World

After traveling to different cities and countries, I have met different people. Each one of them has their own reasons why they travel. Now, I listed down in this article the top reasons why people travel. Check it out if one of them is yours.

1. Travel Educates

Travel gives you a lot. Traveling gives you experience and lessons. Don’t just stick to what you read and watch on the internet. Filter the information you get from social media.  Internet easily gives you a piece of misleading information about a certain destination, things, or people.

Stop stereotyping. Stop assuming. Relying on magazines, newspapers, radios, and the internet is not enough to know things. Why imagine if you can witness places yourself? Travel and have different prospects. Traveling educates you.

2. To Unplug

Yes, people travel to disconnect from the world. We constantly check our phones and always follow others’ life status updates and posts online. Traveling gives you the option to disconnect from your daily life. Traveling disconnects us from our stressful work and reading emails. But, I hope you really disconnect from working and even just reading emails when you are away. So, relax, grab your luggage, pack, and go! Go travel and take some time without the screen of your computer or phone blocking the view of the ocean.

You’ll be able to explore and adventure new things and cultures and learn the different ways how people live around the world.

3. To Learn About Other Cultures

Traveling teaches us about life. Traveling teaches us new things. One of the beauties of traveling is to learn about new cultures. Every destination has its unique history, beauty, asset, and style. Being able to travel means being able to capture new cultures. The place you are visiting might have a different culture from yours.

4. Discover New Places

Traveling gives you the opportunity to see, witness, learn, and discover new destinations and places. Don’t just read articles about the wonders of the world. Also, don’t just watch videos on YouTube about historical places in Rome. If you have the time and means, visit also the places you have been craving to see.

Reasons Why You Should Travel, Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy, Castle, grass, dark clouds, Italy flag
The Altar of the Fatherland in Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy.
Photo by: Jeric Urbayo

Through traveling, you open your eyes to the world. There are great places out there waiting for you to visit them. Grab your luggage or backpack and go for a holiday.

Explore new places by traveling!

5. To Save Mother Nature

It is time to repay mother nature. How? By traveling? Yes! Travel and repay mother earth. When you travel, make sure to give something to mother earth. What I usually do is participate in local activities like trash picking, seashore cleaning, tree planting, and many more.

There are different activities that you may want to participate in during your trip. Why not participate in the things that give you a chance to give back something to mother nature? So, travel and repay mother nature!

6. Meet New People

When traveling, there is always something new. New things to see, new clothes to wear, and new people to meet. Traveling gives us the chance to mingle and socialize with other people on this planet

Some people travel, meet new people, fall in love, and get married. Yes, trust me, I know some friends who tried their luck in traveling and finding their halves.

Have you heard about the myth of the Trevi Fountain in Rome? People travel to Rome and see the fountain and toss coins expecting to meet their halves.

Well, people travel not only to fall in love. But people also travel to meet new friends. Imagine going to a place you have never been and meeting a person you will fully trust and becomes your best friend. Well, I haven’t met that person but my fingers are crossing on my next trip adventure.

7. Relieve Stress

We go away to relieve stress. One of the reasons why we travel is to relieve our stress. After a heavy work given by your boss this week, go and relax on the weekend. if you have time. You need to switch off. Go and relax.

Traveling gives you space from your normal. Get some strength and kick out all the unnecessary thoughts. Some people consider traveling as their stress reliever. I do too. When I travel and witness new places, be exposed to a new culture, meeting new friends, I feel calm. Staying away from the crowd is what I need sometimes.

8. Try New Food

If there are people, there is food. People move around and they get hungry. I know the feeling.

One of the reasons why they travel and explore the world is to try out their delicacies and food products. For example, there are plenty of tourists who go to Italy just to try out their pizza. Trust me, I know some. Trying the local food is not bad. Just make sure they are good for your health.

You can’t help yourself not to eat after a long walk or journey. Make a stop and find a restaurant. You’re not a robot, You are human, have feelings, and have cravings. After a sunny walk, treat yourself to a good restaurant. Don’t be afraid to try new food dishes. This is part of your trip. You might discover food that you never expect to like. You might even bring something home and instead of buying shirts as souvenirs and giveaways for your friend and families when you arrive, you might end up buying local dishes.

9. Learn New Language

There are so many things to learn when you travel. One of them is the language. Yes, when you travel you may have the opportunity to learn the basics of the local language. It is so nice when you go to a place and learn the basics. Just saying, “Ciao Buongiorno” in Italy is already a good thing.

Language is the foundation of communication. Don’t just rely on google translator. My advice to you, if you want to explore the world, learn some other languages apart from your native one. Especially if you know that the country you are about to visit is not English speaking country or they don’t speak your language. If you are planning to go to a country, know the basics of their language. You don’t want to end up paying more than what you are supposed to pay in a restaurant because of lack of communication, right?

10. Discover Your Inner Self

It is nice to travel and try something new. Discover your strengths and weaknesses while socializing with the locals. Discover your potential and capabilities. Learn more about yourself.

 Traveling may teach you things you never expected and knew about yourself. Getting out into the world will help you answer the questions about yourself. Without the usual comforts of home, you are in a new place- however, you’ll be shocked at just how quickly you adjust.

You’ll uncover the real you as much as you do about the world – you’ll realize your capabilities, your talents, your self-esteem will grow, and you’ll realize your skills on how to knock out your problems and lead the world. Moreover, you might even realize something you’re truly passionate about. Traveling sometimes brings your life in a wholly new direction. Therefore, if you’re still asking yourself why you should travel, this is now the answer. Take your life to the next level. Travel and find your happiness!

Each one of us has its own reasons to travel. For some people, travel only hardens their current way of living. And I respect that. Maybe after traveling, you’ll realize that staying close to home is what makes you happy and what satisfies you the most. But then, you will never know until you travel.

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  1. Love this. Travel means different things to some of us but I think you have summed it up really well in these 10 reasons. During COVID I have come to be so grateful for the wonderful travels I have enjoyed over so many years and looking back at my photos it brings back many happy memories. If we travel far or near, we should be open to new experiences and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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