Cheapest Island of Maldives, Maafushi Island – Travel Guide

Cheapest Island of Maldives

If you are planning a honeymoon soon, of course, Maldives could be at the top of your bucket list. And why not? You have all the reasons to visit it. There is hardly any place better than the Maldives where honeymooners can enjoy their honeymoon most delightfully. Trust me, you won’t regret visiting it. Moreover, what if I tell you that not all islands and resorts are expensive in the Maldives. Today, let me uncover the cheapest island in Maldives, Maafushi Island.

There has been a huge increase in the number of people visiting the Maldives in the last 10 years. And it mostly consists of honeymooners and couples. However, the Maldives is beautiful and yet it is very expensive. That’s why many people avoid traveling to the Maldives nowadays as they tagged it as an overrated place.

If you are craving the Maldives, let me make you crave even more. Let me tell you about the best and cheapest island in Maldives, Maafushi Island.

Best and Budget Island of Maldives, Maafushi Island

It is true that the Maldives is beautiful as well as expensive. Because of this, some people do not want to travel to the Maldives anymore. But this thinking is not right. If you select your island properly, then of course you might enjoy the Maldives according to your budget. Let me repeat, Maafushi Island is one of those where you can enjoy your vacation in the Maldives to the fullest. Perhaps you must be wondering why I consider Maafushi Island the cheapest island in the Maldives. But I have confidence that after reading this article completely, you will also say that this island is really the cheapest island as compared to other islands in the Maldives.

Maafushi Island is a local island in the Maldives. It is about 28 km away from Malé (capital of Maldives) and located in Kaafu Atoll.

Why Maafushi Island is best in the Maldives?

The biggest problem with visiting the Maldives is choosing a budget-friendly island resort. The best thing about Maafushi Island is that in an expensive country like the Maldives, where a night of resort or hotel rent ranges from $500 to $2000. Also, on Maafushi Island, you may get a nice room from $50 to $110. Super cheap and budget-friendly island. And truly, this is one of those reasons where we can say Maafushi is the really cheapest island in the Maldives.

Many resorts might also offer you complimentary breakfast during your stay with them. You can find the best local food on Maafushi island, which cost only $5 to $15. You can also find many restaurants on Maafushi Island where you can enjoy Indian food and Seafood. Truly, Maafushi island is an international destination for lovers and adventurers.

If you are a non-vegetarian then you can enjoy food at Arena Beach and Crystal Sand. However, if you are complete and fully vegetarian, then you may find good options in Harbor Café. The Kottu Roshi Restaurant is very famous on Maafushi Island where you can enjoy pizza and seafood. Imagine eating a pizza with seafood as the toppings. Yummy!!

Best Things to Do in Maafushi Island, Maldives

As you already know, the Maldives is a beautiful place as well as it is famous for water sports all over the world. There are plenty of water activities on Maafushi Island. You may enjoy different water sports at a very cheap price. Therefore, We can say Maafushi Island is the cheapest island in the Maldives. Let’s see what are the best things you could do during your stay on Maafushi island.


The most famous water sport in the Maldives is to go kayaking. In this, you can enjoy sitting in your boat in the vast sea of ​​Maldives. Imagine yourself sitting and enjoying the beach as the sun is running in the sky. Kayaking water sports in the Maldives will fill you with confidence and energy in your journey. The package of this water sports activity may range from 65$ to 100$.


This is everyone’s favorite. It is very easy to do. Just jump and float. If you are fond of underwater adventure, then there will be hardly any better option than the Maldives. And the Maldives provides you the perfect opportunity to fulfill your underwater adventure hobby. Enjoy and relax while witnessing the view on the ground from the sea above the surface.

If you are in the Maldives then I suggest you go snorkeling once. It is a most delightful experience as you see the view of the deep ocean from the sea surface. Snorkeling in Maafushi is not expensive at all. You may prepare a budget from $10 to $25 per person.

Scuba Diving

If you love to see the world under the ocean, then you must do scuba diving. Although it takes 15 days to a month of training for scuba diving, diving on Maafushi island is worth it. But you can fulfill this hobby without taking any training in the Maldives.

For a dive in the Maldives, you will have to pay around 50$ to 70$. The rate package includes the materials and the guide to support you on how to have a safe swimming experience under the water.

During scuba diving, you may see different types of sharks, fish, turtles, and many other types of sea creatures inside the ocean. So, if you love to explore the underwater world and sea creatures, you must not miss out doing scuba diving, especially on Maafushi island.

Night Fishing

Even if you are fond of fishing, the Maldives won’t ever disappoint you at all. On Maafushi island you can do night fishing which may start at 5:30 in the evening for which you will have to pay around 20$ to 30$.

In night fishing, you can take a boat and fish it for about 3 hours. If you do not like fishing, then you can enjoy the sunset to the fullest by sitting in the boat. If you feel like having dinner here, then the Maldives resorts also provide you with a booking of BBQ dinner where you may enjoy fresh seafood while enjoying the company and the sea view.

Fun with Dolphins

If you are a fan of dolphins, then the dolphin cruise might be the best option for you. You will have to pay 50$ to 70$ for a dolphin cruise, in which you will be taken among the dolphins on a cruise. Here you can also see dolphins up close and you can also do photography. Take chance to get a selfie with the amazing creatures.

Sandbank Tour

I know that if you have never been to the Maldives then you probably do not know what this sandbank is. A sandbank is a simply submerged portion of land, of which only a portion emerges from a reservoir. The body of this water can be ocean, sea, or river.

Sandbank tour provides the best place for tour photographers and pre-wedding shooting. You may have to spend 50$ to 60$ for the sandbank tour.

Many sandbank tour providers also give you the facility of lunch and dinner at that place for you. They could also make a honeymoon theme for your honeymoon trip. But you will have to spend more money on that, of course. That is considered a special occasion and extra service.

If you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you are thinking to propose, then there is hardly any better place in the Maldives than a place like Sandback. Trust me, it is a very romantic place.


Having rich marine life experience and amazing fly-in-air experience, you should go parasailing in the Maldives. Parasailing gives you the best chance to observe the islands from the sky and their awesome nature view.

In parasailing water sports, you are tied to an air balloon and the balloon is pulled by a speed boat to make you fly. And when you are blown, you will feel the cool and refreshing air and you will get an amazing aerial view of the blue water and white sand of the islands. In the Maldives, every speed boater is a highly qualified expert who gives you the pleasure of doing all kinds of parasailing.

However, parasailing water sports may be expensive. For this water sport, you may have to pay 150$ to 200$ every 15 minutes. But, if it doesn’t disturb your budget, then you absolutely must not miss Parasailing Water Sport.

One Day Stay in Resort Island

Everyone who comes to the Maldives has a dream to live on a resort island/water villa in the Maldives. But staying on a resort island in the Maldives requires a lot of budgets. In general, the cost of accommodation on a resort island in the Maldives ranges from 1500$ to 7000$. If the resort island is in your budget then you can book. But if you want to enjoy a resort island or any water villa within your budget, then the Maldives will not disappoint you.

In the Maldives, you can stay in any water villa or resort island from morning till evening and you can also enjoy its swimming pool and all kinds of water sports. A Resort island or water villa in the Maldives will cost you from 100$ to 250$.

I want to suggest to you that If you are going on a honeymoon then definitely book this resort island and water villa for a day where you can have fun all day with your loved one.

Best and Cheapest Hotels in Maafushi Island, Maldives

You will find many budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses on Mafashi Island. But here I have suggested some such hotels which are budget-friendly and top-rated.

Triton Beach Hotel & Spa

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Pool, hot tub, spa, Fitness center, Restaurant & Bar, games area, pick up from the airport, and speedboat transfer service.
  • Price: 55$ to 75$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

Sunrise Beach and Spa

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Beach access hotel, breakfast, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, and chile-friendly
  • Price: 65$ to 95$ per night.
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

Kaani Beach Hotel

  • 4-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Wi-Fi (not free but available), Restaurant & Bar, Breakfast, pool, laundry service, snorkeling, sea view hotel
  • Price: 70$ to 95$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

Stingray Beach Inn Hotel

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast Service, Restaurant, laundry service, pool, hot tub
  • Price: 62$ to 98$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated, budget-friendly, and pet-friendly hotel

Kuredhi Beach Inn Hotel

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Restaurant, and Beach access to the hotel
  • Price: 60$ to 95$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

Arena Beach Hotel

  • 4-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, Breakfast, restaurant, laundry service, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing.
  • Price: 135$ to 190$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

White Sand Lodge

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, and beach access
  • Price: 55$ to 90$ per night
  • Rate: Top-rated and budget-friendly hotel

Above all hotels are child-friendly hotels so do not worry if you are on Maafushi island with your baby. One more thing I want to add here is that on Maafushi island most of the hotels are smoke-free properties means you can not smoke anywhere inside the hotel, on a balcony, or within 2-3 meters outside the hotel. So if you are addicted to smoking then always keep this in mind. Before booking, always check or ask about it.

Best Places to Eat in Maafushi Island, Maldives

If you are a fan of fresh food, then the Maldives might disappoint you. Because in the Maldives, Most of the food items in the Maldives are brought from Male City and stored in the fridge. And also apart from seafood, most of the food such as rice, milk, chicken, and oats are imported from India or Sri Lanka. That’s why it may not be as fresh as you think.

But, don’t think too much about it. Because here I suggest some best places where you can enjoy your food fullest.

Nora Mamma Mia Restaurant

If you want to eat Pizza and Pasta on Maafushi Island, then definitely try it here. Here you will find non-veg and veg options in Pizza and Pasta.

Harbour Cafe Restaurant

Harbor Cafe restaurant started in 2016 and today it is one of the top-rated restaurants on Maafushi island due to its location and budget-friendly. If you are a non-vegetarian, then Harbor Cafe has many options for you.

Crystal Sands Restaruant

If you are Indian and want to eat Indian food, definitely go to Crystal Sands restaurant. Here you will find many options for Indian food.

Apart from this, you will find many restaurants and cafes on Mafashi Island, which you can choose according to your choice.

Note: Flies and Mosquitoes will haunt you everywhere in the Maldives. So it is better that you check about it before choosing your restaurant or cafe.

How Many Days Are Enough For Maafushi Island?

Many people come to Maafushi Island for relaxation and they stay for a week. But, I suggest you spend a maximum of 4 days enjoying this island and also you will be relaxed.

How To Reach Maafushi Island in the Maldives?

You do not have the option of bus, train, or private taxi to go to Mafashi Island in the Maldives. The best options to reach Maafushi Island are by ferry and by speedboat. You can easily reach Maafushi island from Male Airport (Velana Internation Airport).

From Male to Maafushi Island by Public Ferry

Using a public ferry is the cheapest way to reach Maafushi island from Male.

  • Step-1: From Male Airport, take a ferry to Male island. It will cost you $1 and it will take 10 minutes.
  • Step-2: From Male island, take a taxi to jetty 1 port. It will cost you around $2 and it will take 10 minutes.
  • Step-3: From jetty 1 port or Villingili Ferry Terminal, take a public ferry to Maafushi Island (Always ask the ferryboat crew to make sure that the boat is for Maafushi island). It will cost you $3 per person and it will take 90 minutes.

Keep in mind that online booking is not available on the public ferry. And the fare rate also will be a little bit different.

From Male to Maafushi Island by Speedboat

Speedboat is a very easy and convenient way to reach Maafushi island from Male. You will not need to change any taxi or ferry. Directly from Male airport, you will get many speedboats for Maafushi island in a day. It will cost you around $38 and it will take 45 minutes. You can book a speedboat online. Here I suggested 3 reputed and trusted companies where you can book your speedboat seat.

Before booking your speedboat, always compare the fare rates among these sites.

From Male to Maafushi Island by Private Boat

When we are talking about cheap then a private boat is expensive for you. But, if you are traveling in a group, then this option can be great for your trip. A private boat will cost you around $200 for your group. So it is a great option if you traveling with more than 10-15 people. You can also book your private boat from the above 3 companies.

How Safe Maafushi Island Is?

Many people think that if anything will be cheap, it will be not so safe. But don’t worry, Maafushi Island is the cheapest island in the Maldives and It is a completely safe and carefree island in the Maldives. Maafushi is a tourist and local island. So, It is also safe for solo travelers. The locals of Maafushi island are honest and always ready to help whenever you need it. Therefore no need to think so much about how safe Maafushi island is.

Before visiting Maafushi Island, Keep in Mind These Things:

  • Maafushi is a local island so alcohol is prohibited here. But you can find some floating bars where you can consume alcohol.
  • If you are going to visit Maafushi island for nightlife, You will be disappointed. You can enjoy your dinner at the beach with light music but nightlife like pubs and bars are not allowed.
  • Maafushi is a local island, so always pay attention to your outfits. Bikini or swimming suits are not allowed.
  • Shop close at 10 PM. So, finish your shopping before 10 PM.
  • The restaurant is open till 12 PM. But, normally they will take the last order till 9.30-10 pm.
  • Friday is a holiday in the Maldives. So, always try not to reach the Maldives on Friday.
  • Avoid Trips to the Maldives during the month of Ramadan. Because there is a holiday in the Maldives and most of the resorts and hotels are on holiday. Restaurants and shops will remain closed. The ones that are open will cost you more money.


Where people spend $5000 for 3-4 days in the Maldives, in this way you can enjoy your vacation on Maafushi Island for just 1000$ for 3-4 days. That is the reason why Maafushi island is the cheapest island in the Maldives. Because your smart and good planning will make your trip more fun.

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