Things Not Do in Dubai, UAE – Ultimate Guide

Things Not to Do in Dubai

Dubai is a place to be. It is a grown and developed city in the United Arab Emirates. Today, let me enlighten you on the things not do or forbidden in Dubai. Be cautious!

Dubai has always been in the top 10 list of travelers in the world like you. And why not be? It is one of the most beautiful man-made cities in the world. This city is famous for its luxury lifestyle, shopping, and gold.

Every year millions of people from all over the world visit Dubai. But, as beautiful as Emirates, its rules and regulations are strictly implemented. Some rules and regulations may be normal in your country, but in Dubai, they are not absolutely normal. These rules and regulations are considered criminal cases. So, here is the list of things you should not do in Dubai. They are forbidden!

Forbidden To Do in Dubai

Of course, Dubai is a beautiful and peaceful city but its rules and regulations are so strict. Some rules are normal for other countries but in Dubai, you may have to pay a big fine or go to jail if you don’t follow them.

If you think that fines for the mistakes will be just a normal price, then you are wrong. These fines can reach up to millions which could lead you to break your bank during your journey. Therefore, while traveling in Dubai, do not do the following mistakes at all. If it is forbidden, try not to do them.

While Crossing the Road in Dubai

Be careful when crossing the streets and roads in this city. Unless you want to get into an accident and pay thousands of bucks.

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The cars on the road are surrounded by high-rise buildings in Dubai.
Image by: Pixabay

Every country in the world has its own rules and regulations for crossing the road. But there are very few countries where the rules of road cross are strictly followed. But an amazing city is an exception from such countries. If you make a mistake while crossing the road in Dubai, you will be caught and you will have to pay a fine of 350-400 AED (Emirati Dirham, currency of UAE).

Tips When Crossing the Road in Dubai:

  • If the traffic light is red, you should stop and then always stand in the place of pedestrians.
  • Cross the road only if the green signal is on.
  • Always use zebra crossing when crossing the road in Dubai. Zebra crossing is also known as the Ped xing or the pedestrian crossing.

In Dubai, if you do not follow the rules of road crossing and you get into an accident, you will be judged guilty. Your country might not be as strict as Dubai. However, this is all for your own good.

Therefore, while traveling anywhere, not only in Dubai, always follow the rules of the road crossing. This is to keep you safe and away from any accidents.

While Driving in Dubai City

If you are taking rental cars in Dubai and you will be driving yourself, then you should know the rules of driving around the city. By the way, the rules of driving in Dubai are the same as in the world. Like being aware of signals, having a driving license, don’t drink and driving, and don’t drive at high speed. But, there are some specific rules that you should know while driving in Dubai.

There is another rule in this remarkable city where you have to give pedestrians some spaces for them to cross the road. You will see a line before the zebra crossing in Dubai, if you cross that line and if you are not giving enough way to the pedestrians, you will be fined 500 AED.

While driving in Dubai, always keep in mind that excessive horning is also a criminal offense. Leave other people in peace by using your horn less.

Spitting in Dubai

After covid, all the countries of the world have made strict laws on spitting. But there are very few countries that strictly follow it. But spitting anywhere in Dubai is a crime and you will have to pay a fine of 1000 AED.

I know that spitting just everywhere or in public areas is disgusting. Keep in mind that no matter what country it is, you should not spit anywhere while traveling. Respect the country and its laws and respect the people.

Any Type of Violence or Abusing

Dubai is a peaceful city and people of all religions live here with great respect. And it considers a criminal offense to make any type of violence or abuse anyone. Even if you abuse someone on social media or just send malicious emojis, it will be considered a criminal offense.

Some Bad Activities You Should Avoid While You are in Dubai:

  • Get angry and engage in a fight.
  • Send bad messages or emojis on social media.
  • Messages of apartheid and religion.
  • Misbehaving or showing a middle finger.
  • Rude gestures.
  • Swearing of god or any religion.
  • Make someone feel disrespected or uncomfortable.
  • To abuse anyone.
  • Harassing ladies.

If you do any above-mentioned acts and behavior in Dubai, then you will be fined 10,000 AED to 2,50,000 AED, 1 year in jail and you can also be expelled and get banned from the country. Therefore, do not misbehave in any country during the journey.

Unsolicited Photography or Videography

Photography or videography is an important part of every journey. Everyone loves taking memories by filming. Because these are memories that we can keep for a lifetime or can show to our friends or relatives.

Often on the journey, we make many photos or videos. But, if you are in Dubai, then you should take photos or videos with great care. Because here you can never take photos of anyone. Everyone’s privacy is respected in Dubai.

If you want to take someone’s photo in Dubai, you have to ask him first. If you are taking a photo without asking someone, then you will get a fine from 1,50,000 AED to 5,00,000 AED and 6 months in jail. Doing photo or videography without asking anyone in Dubai is a type of criminal offense.

What you Should Not Do While Taking Photos and Videos

  • Do not take a photo or video of anyone without asking permission.
  • Do not take pictures of any woman on the way.
  • Don’t take photos on any government building or office.
  • If you see any accidents or any police-related matter in Dubai, then do not film the scene.
  • Never share photos or videos of police-related matters on social media or anywhere.
  • If you see a fire in Dubai, then do not take photos of it too. it is also a criminal offense.

Taking photos and videos is a very serious matter in Dubai. It is better to know the rules before taking some.

In most countries, people take pictures of a government building or office as a matter of pride, in which the White House comes first. But, do not make such a mistake in Dubai because this may give you a headache and a heavy fine and you might end up going to jail.

Do not Post or Share any Hatred Messages on Social Media

Many people have a habit that if they do not like some things in the country they talk about it, then share it on social media. If you also have this habit, then better not to do it in Dubai. Because if you post or comment on something like this, the fine that you will end up paying is 235000 AED to 475000 AED.

Many times it happens when we travel, we do not like the people, culture, rules or laws, religion or food. And we share those experiences on social media or comment on any shared post. However, do not do this in Dubai. In Dubai, it is a criminal offense. If you do this then you will be expelled from the country along with the fine. You don’t like this to happen, I know.

So, if you are in Dubai and you don’t like some things, better to avoid them. Do not share and post on your social media account and do not make any comments and talk about it.

Do Not Show Affection in Public Places

Public Display Affection (PDA) is a criminal offense in Dubai city. This may be common in foreign countries, but in Dubai, it considers an adultery act.

So, if you are in Dubai with your loved one or boyfriend/girlfriend then don’t show much love or affection, especially on the street. On the internet, most people search whether they can walk in Dubai withholding their partner’s hand. So, the answer is yes, you can walk holding your partner’s hand in some places. But keep in mind that it should not go beyond that. Wait till you get to your own place.

If you are caught dirty kissing, malicious hugging, or doing any such act in Dubai, then you will have to pay a lot of fines, and you might also have to go to jail. The worst that can happen to you is being deported from Dubai. Therefore, while traveling in Dubai, always keep in mind that do not show too much affection to your partner.

Do Not Drink Alcohol in Public Places

Many people believe that drinking alcohol is not allowed in Dubai. But, that’s not true. If you are 21 years of age or older, you can drink alcohol. But there is also a law in this city in Emirates in which you cannot take alcohol in any public place.

That is, if you want to drink alcohol, then you will have to go to a bar or club. Each city in UAE has its own alcohol rules and regulations, such as if you are in Sharjah, you cannot drink alcohol at all. So, be careful.

Do Not Smoke or Eat Tobacco in Public Places

You cannot smoke or eat tobacco in any public place in Dubai. If you are caught doing this you will have to pay a heavy fine. There is a special place for smoking in most areas in Dubai where you can smoke. Remember that after smoking, do not throw the garbage anywhere, you will also have to pay a fine for spreading dirt.

Do Not Make Any Woman Feel Uncomfortable

It is a criminal offense in Dubai to abuse, wink, make inappropriate gestures, or stare at any woman. In most western countries, it is common to say “Oh beautiful”, offer a drink, or write the phone number on the paper and drop it. But if you are in Dubai then do not do such acts at all because it is a criminal offense to make any woman feel uncomfortable. And for this, you will have to pay a fine of 10000 AED, and you will go to jail and deportation.

I would like to emphasize that this is not only applicable in Dubai. Wherever you go, you should not disrespect women. Wherever you go around the world, always respect any woman and try to help her.

Respect people in Dubai and surely they will respect you back.

Do Not Eat in Public Places During Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam in which Muslims do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. So, if you are in Dubai during Ramadan and you belong to any religion, you will have to respect Islam. You cannot eat food in any public place during the Ramadan period.

This does not mean that if you are in Dubai during Ramadan, you will not get food at all. Many hotels and restaurants are open to non-Muslims where you can go and eat. Also, you can order food in your room, it is not a problem. But if you go out with food, then it will be a criminal offense during Ramadan. There is also a rule to eating food in Dubai during Ramadan that you may want to check.

Do Not Show Your Full Body – Follow Dubai’s Dress Codes

Never wear clothes that reveal your shoulders and knees while traveling in Dubai. The rules of Islam apply in Dubai and there is a dress code that you have to follow.

Do not wear too tight or too loose clothes while traveling in Dubai. If you will not follow the rule of dress code in Dubai, then it will be also considered a criminal offense.

Therefore, while traveling in Dubai, always pay attention to what to wear and what not to wear. It would be better if you carry a light sweater or full sleeve t-shirt/shirt and a shawl with you while going to any public place in Dubai.

Do Not Use Some software or Voice Recorder Application

While going to Dubai, if you have any VPN software, audio/video recorder, or any nude-related applications on your smartphone, then uninstall it. It is also a criminal offense If you have any such software or application on your mobile. Therefore, before traveling to Dubai, you should aware of which software or application is legal.

Maybe VPN can be forgiven but not the malicious applications that require parental guidance.

While traveling in the area, do not try to open any blocked or banned websites. Before exploring, always check the software or application that you are already using.

Do Not Chew Gum

Cleanliness gets a lot of attention in this city. If you will chew gum in any public place like on the road, in a mall, in a theatre, or in any public transport, then that too would be a criminal offense. And you will have to pay a fine for it. And if you will catch throwing chew gum somewhere, then you may have to pay a fine for spreading filth.

Do Not Bring Poppy Seeds

Most countries in the world use poppy seeds as a spice for food. But while traveling to Dubai, Do not carry this spice. Because In Dubai, poppy seeds are one type of drug like cocaine and heroin.

Therefore, if you are thinking of taking Poppy Seeds to Dubai, then better not to go. If security finds poppy seeds in your bag, you will have to pay a heavy fine as the same case of drug-carrying.

In Conclusion

Dubai is a smart city in the world protecting its culture and civilization. If you think that you can escape doing the above-mentioned misbehaviors, then you are wrong.

There are hidden cameras everywhere in Dubai City and security also roams around in the plain dress. Even if you think that no one has seen you while doing something, you will be proved wrong. Never outsmart Dubai.

Don’t be surprised if you will end up breaking your bank upon exiting Dubai. If you have done any of these, then you will be caught at the airport and you will have to pay a fine directly at the airport.

Therefore, if you want your trip to the United Emirates, in general, to be successful and enjoyable, do not do such things that may turn your happiness into sorrow.

Respect everyone together with their culture and laws. If you want to enjoy Dubai to the fullest, then obey their laws.

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  1. I suspected that there are many laws that forbid or restrict the citizens and the tourists from certain types of behaviour. Thank you for this post on the rules and requirements when visiting the UAE. I don’t see any issues as the rules apply to both citizens as well as visitors. Above all, ‘respect’ is the key to good behaviour.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and visit us. Certainly, budget tips in Dubai are on the way. Also, more tips are coming on how to visit and stay happy in Dubai, UAE. Stay tuned!

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