Myths of Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa, India

Myths of Jagannath Temple in Puri

India is a country of temples. Why? Because there are thousands of temples where people of the Hindu Religion offer prayers. Each temple is designed to remember its history, geographical location, and astronomy. Many temples in India are mysterious and miraculous. Well, I want to use the word ‘MIRACLE‘. Temples are a symbol of strong faith for the people of the Hindu Religion in India. And Jagannath Temple is one of the magical Indian temples that a traveler like us must visit. So, let me uncover the myths of Jagannath Temple in Puri, India.

India is well known for its people’s kindness, smart people, engineering, math, and religion. In India, most of the people are Hindu. Speaking of Hindus, the temple represents them. One of the most famous, known, and mysterious temples in India is the Jagannath Temple.

Jagannath Temple in Puri, India

Front view of Jagannatha Temple, Puri, Orissa, India.

Jagannath Temple is located in the city of Puri, a state of Orissa in India. This entire city of Orissa is located near the sea. The said temple is dedicated to the Lord Jagannath (Lord Krishna), elder brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra. There are so many unexpected happenings and events in this temple. They are unusual and created and raised different questions that require answers. So, after reading this article completely, comment below whether you consider it as a miracle or a symbol of immense reverence for God. We would like to know what you think. You can also give us a message if you want to. For now, let us know more about the myths of Jagannath Temple in Puri, India.

The myths of the Jagannath Temple in Puri, India is legendary for Hindus. The temple has plenty of hidden gems that will surely shock you. Gems that are intangible and can only be felt through your heart. It is true that India is full of cultures and traditions. The Jagannath Temple is just one of them. I can’t wait to share with you the historical, mysterious, and amazing myths of this temple.

Why Jagannath Temple is a Magical Temple?

Here are some facts that will make you think that it is really a magical temple. However, for the people of the Hindu Religion, it is the grace of Lord Jagannath. It is just a pure symbol of religion. So, embrace yourself as we are uncovering the myths of the Jagannath Temple in Puri, India. Well, prepare some water too just in case.

Flying the Flag Against Wind

Any flag in the world flies in the direction of the wind. But, this does not happen in Jagannath Temple. The flag is installed above the temple and always waving in the opposite direction of the wind. All the other flags are waving in one direction. However, the flag of the Jagannath temple is different as it is waving in the opposite direction. Why does this happen? Only science can tell, but it is really an amazing thing. It is a long flag. As a result, you can see this flag from any part of Puri City. How amazing it is, right? A symbolic flag flying towards the wind’s direction and being seen by the people of Puri every day. I would love this view every single day.

Reverse Flag Change

Another ‘wow’ characteristic of Jagannath Temple is its size. Jagannath Temple is the longest temple of Orrisa with a length of 65 meters. And it is in the 9th position of the tallest temples in India. People are afraid to even go straight to put on the flag because of its height. Meanwhile, every day the Pandits of Jagannath temple climb upside down just to install the giant flag. The myth says, if no one has the guts to climb to put the flag on this temple even just for a day, the temple would have to close for the next 18 years. The biggest surprise is that till today there has been no accident on setting the flag in such a reverse direction, and also no recorded injury happened to anyone yet.

I know you are being mazed right now. Me too. I think people never missed putting the flag on because of respect. Respect for the religion and the people of Hinduism.

The Dome of The Temple Has No Shadow

Dome of the Jagannath Mandir, Puri, Orissa, India.

Jagannath Temple is the grandest and 9th tallest temple in India. This temple is spread over an area of โ€‹โ€‹4 lakh square feet and its height is about 214 feet. The construction of this temple was so accurate and good. It was done in a way that no one can stand near the temple and see its dome. And the most surprising thing is that the shadow of its dome remains invisible at any time of the day. This temple is one of the biggest examples of how knowledgeable and smart the ancestors of Indians are.

The secret of Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshan Chakra, Jagannath Mandir, Puri, Orissa, India.

There is a Sudarshan Charka on the dome of Jagannath Temple, which is also called Neel Chakra. This chakra is made of Ashtadhatu (lit.โ€‰’eight metals’). The surprising thing about this Sudarshan Chakra is that from any place in Puri City if you look at it on the top of the temple, it will always be visible in front of you. You will never have a chance to see it that way. Sudarshan Chakra is considered the most sacred in Hinduism. It is very holly and majestic.

Wind Direction

The wind direction of most of the seas in this world is from sea to land during the day and opposite at night. But, in Jagannath temple, it is the opposite. This temple is very close to the sea. The air of the sea moves from the land to the sea during the day and it is the opposite at night. So, miraculous. Sometimes it is crazy to think. But, they are happening.

Birds Do Not Fly Over the Temple

In church, birds sleep. Sometimes, when you go to a temple or a church, you see birds flying or sticking on the wall. I know that we have seen several times the birds sitting on the top of the temple, mosque, or church. However, it is never been the case in Jagannath Temple. No bird has ever been seen sitting on the dome above the Jagannath Temple. Moreover, no bird was ever seen flying around the dome.

It is very strange. It is also true that no plane can even be flown over this temple. the myth of the Jagannath Temple says that if a plane tries to fly over it, it automatically changes its direction. Do you believe in that?

World’s Largest Kitchen

Rosaghara – The kitchen of The Jagannath Mandir, Puri, Orissa, India.

Yes, right. You read it right. The kitchen of the Jagannath Temple is the world’s largest kitchen where blessed food (Prasad called in Hinduism) prepares by 500 cooks and 300 assistant cooks. Also, in this temple, 2 million people can enjoy the food. It is also been said that even if the food in the temple is prepared for thousands of people, it can feed millions of people. So, it is like a slice of pizza is good for 100 people. The surprising thing is food here has never been wasted.

I just can’t imagine how big their kitchen is. As the world’s largest kitchen, the food must be appetizing and good. Anyway, the name of the kitchen in Jagannath Temple is Rosaghara, a very traditional kitchen for Hindus.

Cooking Style

Guess what, there are 7 pots placed on top of each other for cooking food in the Jagannath temple. Also, all the food is cooked naturally as they are using wood. Using wood to cook has been a practice of many Indian and Hindus as it gives natural flavor to the food. The cooking style in Jagannath Kitchen or Rosaghara is different from all the kitchens around the world. Since they put the pots on the top of the other, they put the less cooked on the bottom and almost cook to cook at the top. As a result, the food remains warm till the time of eating. Moreover, this method reduces expenses for the woods to use in cooking. The most surprising thing about this kitchen is that the food cooks first in the top pot and the bottom one in the last.

This practice is very challenging. I know it is difficult to believe, but it is happening in the kitchen of Jagannath Temple, Rosaghara.

The Sound of The Ocean

As everyone knows, Jagannath Temple is situated near the sea. When you go out, you will surely hear the magical waves of the sea. But, here is a surprising thing, if you are outside the temple, you may hear the singing waves relaxing your ears. But, as soon as you enter the main gate, Sinhdwar, of the temple you will not hear any sound of the ocean waves. It is really magical.

Smell of Burning

In Hinduism, the dead body is burnt after death. This process is called cremation. And there is a gate outside this temple that is called Swargadwar. Here, the bodies of the dead are being burnt. When you are inside the temple, you won’t feel and smell any burning sensation. As soon as you go out, you smell the soul of the burning dead body. Well, the Swargadwar is located just outside the temple.

Swargadwar is also known as the gateway to heaven in Puri, India. It is very famous not only for the people of Hinduism but all over the world.

So, after reading this article you have just learned about one of the temples in India. Moreover, you have learned about the culture of Hinduism and India itself. Learning culture is very important in understanding someone’s behavior. Well, I am not a psychologist to discuss this. But, I just want to tell you that in Hinduism, these are faiths and all of these are the grace of the Lord Jagannath.

TripKeya Tip:

Since this is a sacred temple, only the people of the Hindu Religion are allowed to enter the Jagannath Temple. You may not attempt to enter if you are not a Hindu. Don’t worry. Don’t be sad. If you still want to experience this, once a year, Lord Jagannath is brought outside the temple for parade worship. Indians called this Rath Yatra.

I know you want to visit the Indians’ temples. So do I. I have so many questions in my mind about their culture and beliefs. Visiting the Jagannath Temple would be a great idea to start when visiting India if you are Hindu. Otherwise, wait for the Rath Yatra festival.

The myths of Jagannath Temple in Puri, India is really unimaginable. When I learned these myths, I had goosebumps. I got excited to see India and meet Indian people.

How about you? Where are you heading next? Where is your next destination? For now, bear in mind to be safe during the pandemic. Go out but be safe while enjoying the vacation!

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  1. I have gone Puri four times but I really didn’t know such a beautiful story behind it. Thank for sharing ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Jagannath Temple is a really unique, amazing, and beautiful place. Indians consider it the grace of God when people outside India call it a miracle. Whatever is it but it is true that this type of miracle occurs in this temple. Whenever you go travel, collect such information before going there. You will have more fun visiting that place. Thank you so much for commenting priti.

  2. Very interesting information about the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri . Myth and Mystery , thy name is India . Only need is of realization . The moment you realize , things would automatically be changed . That it is the charisma of the LORD JAGARNATH that all these Mystery we are able to see there . Thanks !

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